James’ lion head restoration

This is another job that I did to help out a friend of mine.

He had a really old “Vietnamese styled”, metal horned lion head which he recovered from his Sifu. It was in otherwise pretty good condition with the frame intact and any holes already patched up with newspaper. But it looked as though someone was a bit too keen on the shiny aluminium foil look and decided to cover half the head in the stuff as well as give it a “Vincent” paint job themselves. (I’d like to leave all painting to Zoe now as she makes mine look like a kid’s kicked over a tub of rainbow). Also there was a lot of brown muck, probably glue that the manufacturer used to stick on the fur to the head.

So Zoe and I went about repainting the lion particularly the eyes, cheeks, nose, top and bottom mouth. We weren’t allowed to pull off too much of the aluminium foil from the head but we ridded it from the mouth.
We also didn’t put on any fur in the end because the owner wanted to do that himself.


Front view before


Front view after


Side view left before


Side view left after


Right eye before


Right eye after


Right cheek before


Right cheek after


Top lip before


Top lip after


Bottom of mouth before


Close up of the aluminium foil plaguing him


Bottom of the mouth after


Top of mouth before


Top of mouth after
Aluminium foil gone!

The completed lion in action

The completed lion in action


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