Reflections on lion dancing

We lion dancers are a passionate bunch

Why have I come to love lion dancing so much. Because we learn not only about a Chinese performing art but also Chinese culture and history. Other bonuses are the development of teamwork and camaraderie, a family or at least lifelong friends and most important of all, the enjoyment of performing and the enjoyment from wowing the crowds.

But the beauty of lion dancing as a performing art is that everyone (yep each and everyone one of you) has the ability to not only take something away from lion dancing but also to put into the art to make it richer and more vibrant.
It might be your continuous presence that keeps your club alive, or your interest and desire to create a club or a lion dancing team in an area that may not have had a lion dancing team. Or your background in Chinese opera to add a different element to your theatrical performance. Or your private work as an artist or seamstress to help create, construct and repair lion heads. Or your work as a engineer or handyman to help create props, drum carts and other elements we might take for granted. Or your work as a historian to help photo document or physically preserve the lion heads. Or your work as a graphic designer developing the school’s logo or marketing material etc etc etc.

Everyone has a secret skill or talent and every participant in a lion dancing group or school has a role to play so keep turning up and keep sharing this wonderful art!



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