Sydney Yun Yee Tong 2018

Up next with the Sydney groups is Sydney Yun Yee Tong. I managed to see them on a number of occasions across this new year period.

The first glimpse I had of them and their new uniform was at a local restaurant that my family had our 團圓飯 at.

Then we managed to catch them at one of the local temples- Kwan Yin Temple at Canley Vale for their annual midnight performance to reign in the new year. As usual they provided the entertainment by way of lion dancing and Kung fu sets before the firecrackers and incredible fireworks display were lit. A noticeable absence was the Central Coast Jow Gar school who have been a regular fixture at the New Years Eve celebrations the past few years and who usually belt out a number of Kung fu sets.

Finally, I managed to see more of them across their various performances around Cabramatta. There’s no missing the distinctive ding sound of their gong and their new fluoro green uniforms. I’ve included a picture of a new lion of theirs. A purple Hok San with a wicked paint job. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the pom-poms though.


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