25.4.20 Progress

I’ve made some significant progress since my last post. In saying that it has been a little on the slower side. I’ve been tweaking the numbers on my modelling as I’m making the frame to make sure it’s right. And so far so good. I’ve gone for a combination of bamboo and rattan cane for the next couple of sessions. My bamboo is roughly cut and the noses are just too think to smooth out. What that means is that when I try to make rings with the bamboo they look lopsided or they crack! The rattan cane is much easier to manipulate especially after they’ve been soaked in water. I’ve also adjusted how I bind the strips. I’m putting a premium on lighter weight so I’ve been experimenting with using micropore tape to secure the bamboo together and following up with a small bit of brown rigid sports tape to secure that together. So far it seems to be working.


1 thought on “25.4.20 Progress

  1. This is where I start to slow down in my frame building as well–the parts get more intricate and take more time from here on out. Keep up the great work!

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