9.1.21 Two brothers reunited

I just happened to have the other Zhang Fei lion hanging about so I managed to take some shots. The Liu Bei and the tails are stored away elsewhere so it’ll take some time to retrieve them.


2 thoughts on “9.1.21 Two brothers reunited

  1. Hey man sick lions,
    I was just wondering where you get your bamboo/rattan materials? I plan on making a training hok san frame and I want it to be heavy and sturdy. Where could I get thick bamboo or rattan that is also flexible to create the frame?
    Keep up the amazing work!

    • Hey Ricky,
      Apologies for the super late reply. I’m in Australia so there aren’t a lot of bamboo groves lying around for me to freely grab them from nature. I ended up bringing back a whole bunch of bamboo strips after a trip to Thailand. I came by a bamboo furniture making shop and asked if they could cut strips for me.
      I got a rattan reel from an arts and crafts chain store (Spotlight) although I don’t believe I’ve seen them selling them anymore. The online marketplace is your friend. Search up rattan reel (you’re after 4 or 5mm diameter) and bamboo strips for weaving 3.5-4mm wide by 2mm thick by at least 1.5m.
      Hope that helps.

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