Prelion head brainstorming

I thought I’d show you guys what I am aiming for.
I watched this movie a couple of years ago and I loved the futsan lion in this clip.
Check it out

The first step of building this lion head was to think about time frame, sourcing materials and a budget

Just browsing through the internet, I found the cost of a brand new lion head to be between 500- 1200 dollars.

Now, I didn’t want to be spending over 600 dollars to make my own lion head if I was able to order a custom made lion head complete with tail and shipped to my door for the same amount of money.

I decided my budget to be no more than 350 dollars including all the little accessories that go with the head like a tail, pom poms and bristle fur (which is going to be difficult to get). This meant that I was either going to have to make some of these parts myself or get quite creative in finding alternative solutions to finding these parts.  As I go through the different parts of the lion, I’ll let you guys know about what where I got all the different parst
Time frame wise, I want this project to be a hobby, something that I enjoy doing and my escape from the daily grind. I have no need to rush through and make it in time for a particular deadline so the progress may be slow, or really fast depending on how absorbed I get with the making process.

The lion head I’m using as my base model


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