It’s HERE!!!

I’m so excited. I feel like a kid on Christmas eager to open up my present!
Finally, my parcel has arrived!!! Just in time for our CNY performances this coming weekend.
I have pushed and pushed for it to be sent and finally had it speedily expressed post.
I ordered a few parts, mainly, a set of pom poms, a set of bristle fur and a beard and a pair of eyes. They were the only thing that was missing to make this lion complete.
I’ll be busily putting it all together now for the big day.

Pictures of the completed lion come through shortly ……

Here are the parts
IMG_4412 IMG_4414 IMG_4415 IMG_4413 IMG_4417


2 thoughts on “It’s HERE!!!

  1. Hi I was just looking through your blog for some advice. Where do you order your bristle fur and how exactly do you attach it on? Is it as simple as gluing onto the paper mache? Or is there some sort of hidden wiring?

    • I am still in the process of finding someone who can offer all the supplies that I need but I ordered the bristle fur from a guy called Eric- . He also has an ebay store with username classy22hk.
      You can attach the bristle fur by either sewing it on or with wiring at about 5-10cm spacing. If you have fluffy sheeps fur, you would hot glue that on.

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