Total cost of lion head…

I was asked to put up the total cost of the lion so here is an actual price breakdown of the materials 

– rattan + cane:  $25  
– bamboo strips:  free from previous restorative work. Bamboo strips were bought from Of Course Lion Source previously
– aluminium metal bar (for the base): $4
– wooden broomstick (for handles): $6
– wool for pom poms: $17 I bought a lot of wool which I didn’t use so it’s probably much cheaper than that
– bristle fur + eyes + a limited set of pom poms: roughly $120. I bought these as a set
– mirror- free from previous restorative work 
– rabbit fur: free from previous restorative work
– tail + neck piece: I was lucky to get these free!! This would’ve cost a fortune to make
– wire for binding everything and to make the springs for the two big pom poms: $10
– paper mache: $32
– flour to make glue: $2
– paint: $55
– paint brushes: $20 Zoe was insistent on getting good brushes and lots of them
– gloss sealant: $17
– cotton twill: free. found stuff lying around at home
– elastic and and string for eyes: $5
– pliers: $2
– dog brush (to smooth out the pom poms): $6
– time and effort and skills learnt in the making: priceless!

TOTAL: $321.00

The cost of a basic lion!!!
If I wasn’t lucky enough to get the tail and have existing bamboo, I think I’d be look at a total price of $500.00 easy!!

I have to say though, the cost of the lion doesn’t mean much compared to the invaluable experience and knowledge I’ve gotten from the whole process. There’s something about making something yourself. It’s changed the way I now look at lions and has made me appreciative of all the lion head makers, old and new. On top of admiring the general look of lions, I’m checking out all the awesome paint jobs people are doing, I’m thinking about the person(s) behind that lion and the love, effort and skill that has gone into making it.


2 thoughts on “Total cost of lion head…

    • Something along those lines, maybe I got it wrong.
      The pom poms, a pair of eyes, bristle fur + beard and a tail cost $200 + $40 for express shipping (I needed the parts urgently for Chinese New Year).
      I’m not too sure what each bit cost so I divided the cost between tail and the rest so 120 each. Maybe the tail costs way more than 120.

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