Work in progress 

Oh man, I’ve come a long way but I’m finally making it a priority to get cracking on this project. It’s been hitting on 2 years now since I started this trying to replicate this LFC head and I’ve stalled so many times. My latest years resolution was to get off my back side and just do it. It won’t get completed no matter how much I hope and dream how awesome they’ll be when they’re finished. They will get completed when I pull them off the shelf and work on it everyday!

I guess one of the other reasons this project is consuming a lot more time is I’m hoping to turn this project into something bigger. Something in the form of a DIY LFC head. It means meticulous measurements and photo documentation. 

It’s definitely a work in progress so watch this space to find out more. 

Here’s where I’m up to so far! I’ve got the first layer of paper down! 

I’ve done some things differently to this head than I have with others. After reading Chris Low’s restoration book I’ve had a few aHah moments of “that’s how the pros so it”. 

I’ve haven’t attached the handles year, now the cushion and I haven’t hot glued reinforcing netting to the frame as I have with the other lions I’ve worked on. 

The next steps now is to put on the other layers of paper, organise cushion handles and paint!! 

I’m almost there. 


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