Chinese New Year 2016

It’s that time of year again! It’s Chinese New Year tomorrow (Monday the 8th of January). 

Celebrations or should I say performances have been in full swing in Sydney for 2 weeks now with performances by Jin Wu Koon, Sydney Guangzhou Bak Mei, Sydney Bak Hok Pai, Yau Kung Mun, Sydney Chinese Masonic society having performances in Sydney’s Chinatown and teams such as Sydney Dragon Style Kung Fu Association, Sydney Yun Yee Tong, Australian Teo Chew Asssociation, Australian Chinese Youth Sports association all participating in shows and demonstrations for the public to enjoy. 

I’m sure everyone is having a blast  and all the teams have worked hard for the most exciting time of the lion dancing year! Already videos and photos of performances are filling up social media and it’s such a pleasure to see people around the world practising and sharing this wonderful art.

Unfortunately from what I understand, Sydney’s Chinese New Year Twilight Parade has been cancelled due to the tramworks on George St ( the Main Street in Sydney CBD) but I don’t think that has dampened the mood or the number of performances has filled the numerous suburbs around town. 

There’s still a few more weeks of performances left and I’m keen and excited to see what else people have in store.

In the meantime, happy lunar new year!!



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