Upcoming projects

With the Covid 19 pandemic sweeping through the world and lockdowns of most major cities including Sydney, it’s a great time and opportunity for me to resume some of my projects.

The first project I have lined up has been a work in progress since I started making detailed notes of my attempt at making Luen Fat Cheung lion. The idea is an instruction manual not too dissimilar to Chris Low’s fantastic book Restore the Roar where he regales the reader with a how to guide on building a Luo On Kee lion. This time it’s a LFC lion. The project gained further traction when I made the second Zhang Fei head. I had the chance to actually use my notes to make that head without the need for the original lion head sitting around. In that time, I also took the opportunity to neaten up my notes so they are clear and concise. And take plenty of photos. Hopefully I get the first draft completed and even better, complete the whole thing.

The second project I’ve got going is adding some brothers to the Liu Bei and Zhang Fei lion. I’m aiming to make another two at this stage- a gold and orange one with white bristle fur and a Guan Gung black and red lion (similar to the one used in the movie Last Hero in China). I’ve finally got off my butt and made the first pair of ears and the base so at least I’ve started. I’m going to aim to try to finish them both before Chinese New Year 2021. What I’m keen to do though is film the making process to give budding builders an idea of what to expect when they attempt to make their own. I also want to try to lighten it up by reducing the layers of paper. Hot tip, it’s not as hard as it looks. But it is annoying trying to find all the bits and pieces especially bamboo!!!

The third project. There’s no third project yet. I think I’ve got my hands quite full with the first two but I’d love to try to make a Luo On Kee lion one day. What projects are you guys getting up to? I’d love to hear.

That’s all from me now. Stay healthy, wash your hands, don’t touch your face and remember if you’re young and healthy, it’s not about you. It’s about your parents and your grandparents and the other vulnerable people that make up our community.


1 thought on “Upcoming projects

  1. Can’t wait to see your projects finished! Sign me up to be one of the first on the waiting list to purchase the book and video when they’re done. Your hard work deserves to be supported.

    I’m still hard at work through the quarantine so no working on projects for me, but hopefully soon. I’ll keep you posted.

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