4.4.2020 Progress review

Talk about progress. It helps so much when there’s a roadmap and a plan. I made short work of the mouth, ears and base. I gathered my materials, cut my pieces to size and they all just fell together nicely like a jigsaw puzzle. It was also a chance to polish my diagrams with numbers. They weren’t all that clear so a little more editing on the manual.


4 thoughts on “4.4.2020 Progress review

  1. Heya! I saw your work and wow! Is so amazing! I want to make one too, for my kung fu school, but I don’t really know with what purpose you join the bamboo poles, can you please tell me? Thanks! 🥰

    • Hi flippy666, hopefully this reply isn’t too late. I used rigid brown sports tape to secure the bamboo strips together. I hope that helps you on your journey.

  2. Hello! Hope you’re fine! My husband and I have been following your blog for a while, we are amazed of your work and the way you keep this tradition living! A couple months ago we tried to build a lion on our own for the martial arts school of my husband, we are only beginning and the result is ok but we need to practice more. We have notice you use something “white” to keep the lion together, would you please share with us what material do you use for the joints of the different parts of the lion? we are not sure if it a sort of thread or a tape? Regards!

    • Hi Raquel, thanks for checking out my work. I’ve tried various tapes to keep the bamboo/ rattan sections together. I’ve found the most convenient is brown rigid sports tape cut to the correct width – about 3-4mm. The white tape you’re seeing is micropore surgical tape. I found that it is lighter but the stickiness is not long lasting. Thread isn’t tight enough. I hope that makes sense and helps you with your build!

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