It’s been a while since my last post. Although I haven’t posted, I have still been working on the lion head as well as lurking on various forums mainly Facebook to check out what’s happening in the lion dancing community. It’s really gladdening for me to see such an enthusiastic community out there not just participating in our Chinese culture but promoting it. I’m also so happy to see pictures and videos and books of absolutely incredible looking lions- lions from yesteryear, modern lions, lions made to  with the generals in mind, classical lions of old, children’s lions, antiques lions. It’s made me appreciate what an incredible art Chinese lion dancing is and how deep it can be. Pouring through Chris’ book has just spurned on my passion and drive to finish the frame of this LFC lion head and that’s what I’ve done!!! 

Here’s a couple of snaps of the frame. 

I’ll be onto papering and painting soon so keep your eyes peeled!