9.1.21 Two brothers reunited

I just happened to have the other Zhang Fei lion hanging about so I managed to take some shots. The Liu Bei and the tails are stored away elsewhere so it’ll take some time to retrieve them.


8.1.2021 A new year and my project is complete

Almost. I forgot to hook up the pulley system on the inside to get the eyelids to work!I have finally put the finishing touches on the lion. Apart from that, it’s pretty much done! The last couple of bits was to attach the trim and pom poms. I ordered in some sequin – red and gold to add to the lion. I think the sequins add a nice glint which might just catch the audiences’ eye as the light bounces off the lion. The red and gold sequins and the red pom poms against the gold base of the lion really makes the lion pop.

I feel it also has very much the same feel as the other two LFC homages that I have made which is no surprise given I used the same measurements. But good to know nonetheless, especially as I did a little improvisation when following the scale drawings.

Now to find a tail to go with the lion and then stick it together with its two brothers to take a family shot!