Step 17 and the papering begins!

It’s been a long time since my last post.
I’ve been busily papering my lion and the more I add on layers and see the lion come into fruitition, the more excited that I get.
In the end, I’ve used 3 layers of calligraphy paper and the initial one layer of netting.
So far it feels strong and solid. The shape of the lion is more than I can imagine.
I got a bit excited while I started papering and decided to go and get me some paint!!

Before I finished, my girlfriend also got a bit excited and started painting the top lip.

Step 16: Wrapping the base

I went with the cotton tape to wrap the base rather than rattan strips purely from past experience. I had found rattan strips at Spotlight (local arts and craft store) but opted for the former.
The glue I used was from a recipe I found online which involved boiling flour and water together to get a thick paste. Worked well but it was time consuming making the glue and took a while for the glue to dry. However, it turned out pretty good with the cotton tape holding its shape and keeping things together.

Step 15: netting over the lion

As with my previous lion that I restored, I found the best way apply the paper mache was to hot glue netting onto the bamboo frame first, This worked by giving the paper something to stick to as well as providing a body to the paper (similar to concreters using metal rods through during construction). In the past, I have used mosquito netting. This time round, I had some cheap curtain netting that I found at IKEA which I used.