Step 13: The Mouth

Another deviation from the plan. I have come across a few lion’s ears which have been damaged through wear and tear over the years especially around the attachments to the head itself and wear the strings are attached. Some of the damage I have come across also involved too much strain on bamboo framing which have ended up snapping. I wanted mine to be a bit more stronger and have seen a couple of ears around made with metal wire used to create the ear shape and two bamboo pieces crossed in the centre to create a 3D body.

In the end, I put another few strips of bamboo around the areas where the hands apply pressure to the mouth for extra strength and support. (no pictures)

Step 9: Finishing the top lip

I started on the top lip earlier but put off finishing it at that stage because of the difficulty. Aesthetically and mentally for me, I really wanted to see my frame actually look like a lion to give me the motivation to keep on going.
But this stage, I had already made the eyes, cheek and nose and all I wanted to do now was to finish that mouth!

And there it is! My base frame almost complete.
Hard work finally paid off to have something faintly resembling a lion.

Step 4: The first part of the top lip

My first hurdle, this is where I started having difficulty getting it right.
Now there are smaller pieces to contend with and curves in shorter pieces of bamboo strips (more pressure on the strip).
In the end, I decided to only attach and make the main sections of the top lip that would be involved in structural purposes.
I’ll revisit the top lip later on

I wasn’t good with my photo documentation of my progress. Here you can see the bit of the top lip which I started plus the main bit of the nose which I enjoyed doing much more.