Painting continues

I’m on a roll!



I’ve finally started painting one of the lion heads. It has took me a fair bit of time trying to pencil in the template to make sure it’s as true as I can be with the original. It’s been slow progress as I haven’t painted in quite some time so I’ve been trying to make sure my brush strokes are clean. In saying that I like to think that a lion like any living animal has its blemishes and nothing is perfect so if I haven’t got a stroke right and it isn’t 100% off, I’m happy to leave it as it adds some character to the lion. Here are some photos of the progress

Sydney Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu School 2018

And last but not least, I enjoyed the performances that the Chan Family Choy Lee Fut school had around the streets of Chinatown. I particularly enjoy the continuous parading of the lions and the drums from shop to shop around Chinatown as opposed to the start and stop nature that I see in Cabramatta. Their drumming style is also similar to the drumming style that we perform with in Dragon Style Kung Fu (based on the Hong Kong Hung Gar style of drumming) so it was nice to be able to follow and know why and what movements they’re performing. They also has some killer firecrackers that were double layered and went off with a bang! The noise was deafening, the smoke choking, and the flames bright. At one point, the smoke managed to fill a nearby shop and set off its fire alarms causing the local firies to make a visit. It’s always funny when people are standing quite close watching the performance and are reluctant to move back to a safe distance as the firecrackers are going to be lit. Fortunately, they had a forced safe distance or 5metres before anything was lit and then a space of about 10metres as everyone ran for cover when they realised that the sound of the firecrackers exploding is louder than they expected.

The team did an amazing job especially as towards the end of their performances, it started to bucket down with rain making the floor slippery and doing shoulder stands dangerous. They had a close call with one of the heads slipping backwards during an attempted shoulder stack but fortunately, no one was injured.

They did a great job keeping everyone entertained.

Australian Teo Chew Association lion dance team 2018

I usually make my way to the Ming Yue Lay Buddhist temple in Bonnirigg every year for New Years Eve to catch the Teo Chew Association performing there. They usually do a couple of cool set routines and showcase a lot of their lions. I missed out on seeing them there this year but caught some of their performances on the streets of Cabramatta.

They were rocking some new uniforms.

Sydney Indochinese Youth Sports Association / Trung Han Qun 2018

I’m on a roll with watching other teams this year. I briefly got to see these guys perform at one of the shops in Cabramatta. Unfortunately for me the lions spent most of its time up in the restaurant so I didn’t get too many snaps. However, I did get to see them do a few shoulder stacks as the firecrackers were being let off.

Here are a few snaps of them.

Australian Da Hung Kung Fu and Lion Dance 2018

I haven’t seen much of these guys before and unfortunately I didn’t get the greatest glimpse of their skills this year either but they were colourful. They had an unfortunate issue with being stuck in an elevator at the nursing home they were performing and weren’t freed for about an hour. Poor guys! I hope to see more of them in the coming years.

Here’s what I have managed to snap of them.

Sydney Yun Yee Tong 2018

Up next with the Sydney groups is Sydney Yun Yee Tong. I managed to see them on a number of occasions across this new year period.

The first glimpse I had of them and their new uniform was at a local restaurant that my family had our 團圓飯 at.

Then we managed to catch them at one of the local temples- Kwan Yin Temple at Canley Vale for their annual midnight performance to reign in the new year. As usual they provided the entertainment by way of lion dancing and Kung fu sets before the firecrackers and incredible fireworks display were lit. A noticeable absence was the Central Coast Jow Gar school who have been a regular fixture at the New Years Eve celebrations the past few years and who usually belt out a number of Kung fu sets.

Finally, I managed to see more of them across their various performances around Cabramatta. There’s no missing the distinctive ding sound of their gong and their new fluoro green uniforms. I’ve included a picture of a new lion of theirs. A purple Hok San with a wicked paint job. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the pom-poms though.